Legal issues

The legal issues associated with sharing a wifi connection is faced by both the share-er and share-ie. This list I am sure will continue to grow, to start with focus will be on:

  1. User connecting to open networks with out permission.
  2. Possible issues with your Internet provider.
  3. No control over what people download via your wifi.

The right solution will need to address these issues.

05. September 2011 by Andy
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Possible options

First round of google-ing has come up with a few options of how this can be made possible, with options both in software to hardware. Software solutions that you can run on your machine to share your network maybe an option if you are sharing your connection while in a coffee shop, but it doesn’t really cut it at home via your router on a permanent basis.

A hardware solution such as the fon wireless router is fantastic for this, but this would mean we would have to sign up to another service.

So this produces 3 different situations where a user would like share their wifi connection:

While your in a coffee shop share your 3G connection

Share the connection via your pc while it turned on

Off your router or other permanent connection

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05. September 2011 by Andy
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Wifi – Why isn’t it free for all?

Why are wifi networks locked down? Why can I not just tap in to these waves that fly about whenever I need a connection?
I know there are 101 logical reason for why this is the case. Security for one and having someone download illegal files while connected to your server is another (which in turn can lead to having visit from the authorities).

But I still question why there can’t be a simple and easy way for me to share my wifi with everyone while keeping myself (and my network) safe and secure.

So with all this in mind I plan to investigate, work through the issues and publish not only any solutions I find but the workings of my findings.

Then hopefully come out the other end with a worldwide network of like minded individuals also sharing their wifi creating a safe secure global network for all to enjoy.

I look forward to your feedback and input so please get in touch.

28. August 2011 by Andy
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